This is not an internship. This is not a college course. The Prodigy Program is a ministry apprenticeship designed by Elevation Church to give hands-on training to high-capacity leaders in a fast moving, rapidly growing, Christ-centered church environment.

As a part of the Prodigy Program, you will spend six months working alongside the staff and leaders of Elevation Church, learning systems, culture, and ministry tools in one of two featured tracks - Worship or Campus Leadership.

Below you'll find FAQs and a link to begin the application process. If you have any other questions, email

  • When does the Prodigy Program start?

    There is a multi-phase application process and those selected will be required to attend a weekend "boot camp experience" prior to the semester start date. Those dates will be communicated throughout the application process.

    The Fall 2014 semester will begin in July. The application process is open. Applicants will need to reapply each semester.

  • Who is the ideal Prodigy candidate?

    The typical applicant is 23-30 years of age who is a recent college/seminary graduate or someone with relevant experience. However, do not let the age range deter you from applying. The applicant should also be someone who is a high capacity leader with the ability to multi-task and thrives in a fast paced ministry environment.

  • What types of ministry experiences are available?

    The Prodigy Program has two learning tracks: A Worship Track to develop worship leaders in the principles and practices of leading worship at Elevation Church, and a Campus Leadership Track to train and raise up Campus Pastors as we continue to grow Elevation Church.

  • What will my schedule look like?

    This is an apprenticeship program and the majority of time will be spent in hands-on learning environments. A typical week will be Monday-Thursday, with Friday being a day off. Saturday and Sunday will include coverage at one of our seven locations. Some evenings will be required.

  • Who will I work with and who will supervise me?

    Various Elevation staff members will play key roles in the leadership, teaching and application portions of the program. Each student will be assigned specific staff to oversee their development in particular learning tracks.

  • Is this a paid position?

    Prodigy participants will receive a weekly stipend and will be supplied a 1099 form for year-end tax purposes.

  • Where will I live?

    Housing is ultimately up to the participant, however we will assist in the process of finding housing.

  • Can I get a job while a part of Prodigy?

    Elevation Prodigy is a full time position requiring full time hours. Any outside employment will need to be with the consideration that Prodigy is your primary responsibility for the program duration.

  • Will I be considered "on staff" at Elevation?

    Participants will serve alongside staff and provide various leadership insights and practical support but are not considered "staff."

  • Will I be hired at Elevation following the program?

    It is our desire that the Prodigy Program will produce great candidates for hire but do not guarantee a position upon completion.

  • I'm married, is my spouse part of the program or supposed to come to Charlotte?

    Ministry is a family commitment and although the spouse is not a part of the Prodigy Program, their support and sacrifice are essential to the success of the participant.

  • Do I need a car?

    Elevation is one church in seven locations spread across the metro Charlotte area. Each Prodigy participant must have 24/7 access to their own transportation.

  • Do I need a laptop?

    Each participant will need to have a laptop computer to use during the duration of the program.

  • Is financial assistance available?


  • I'm applying from another country, what do I need to do?

    It is up to each applicant to secure the appropriate visas, passports and other necessary documentation prior to applying.

  • I'm interested, what's the next step?

    Click the button that says "Apply" to begin.